Lanai and Pool Deck Cleaning in Lakewood Ranch That’s Comprehensive

Show-Stopping Pool Deck Cleaning Lakewood Ranch

Pool deck cleaning in Lakewood Ranch or getting an exterior surface of your home seems quite easy, right? You should be able to just shoot over to your local big box retailer and rent a power washer, add some cleaning solution, and "Voila," - your house exterior is clean. Unfortunately, such a weekend warrior project that you or an amateur performs can spell big problems for your home.

When it comes to pressure washing, you should entrust experts like ourselves who have spent over a decade perfecting our skills. We've realized you don't need high PSI power washers to clean your exterior surfaces. While it may get the job done faster, it could cause substantial damage to windows, concrete, wood, roof material, and more. 

Our team at Pressure Washing Lakewood Ranch takes our time and get the job done right. This is why our customers are highly satisfied and continue to provide us with 5-star ratings for our services. Let us be your first choice when you think of cleaning the exterior surfaces of your home. 

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Why Invest in Cleaning Your Lanai & Pool Deck?

You may get many surfaces of your home cleaned regularly. But you may stop short of cleaning your pool deck. Some homeowners often feel that cleaning the deck isn't significant. However, pool deck cleaning in LWR may be one of the most critical investments you can make. Here are some reasons to clean this exterior part of your home regularly.

  • Cleaning pool decks, especially wood ones, minimize slips and falls from the buildup of organic material.
  • Pressure washing helps minimize unsightly microorganisms and weeds growing on your pool deck surface. 
  • Regular cleaning helps keep your deck looking its best.
  • Cleaning the deck and the lanai keeps pests, such as spiders, away from you and your swimming pool.
  • Keeping your pool decks clean makes your property look better.
  • Removing dirt and grime by pressure washing can help you see problems to address before they get too big.  

Let us take a look at your pool deck today to see how we can help. Call to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation and get a FREE quote.

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Get Lanai and Pool Deck Cleaning in Lakewood Ranch Now

Your deck and lanai may be swarming with all kinds of dust and debris. Not only could there be lots of dirt and pollen all over it, but it could be crawling with pests and mold growth. This combination of dirt and grime is not only unsightly for you and your guests but it could also create health problems. Before you reopen your pool this summer, make sure you get lanai and pool deck cleaning for your home. 

As with cleaning other exterior surfaces of your home, we provide the same gentle care that we provide with all our pressure washing. Using our state of the art soft-wash system, we gently clean your deck and your lanai using a low-powered PSI pressure washer and a gentle cleanser. Although our pressure washer is gentle on your surfaces, it is still tough on dirt and debris. In no time, you will have a pool deck and lanai that is clean and clear of mold, moss, bird poop, and other unsightly dirt and stains.

Are you ready to enjoy your pool this summer without cringing at the cobwebs and other buildups you see all over the deck and lanai? We can help you with that!

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Trust Your Local Pressure Washing Experts

Whether you have a wood pool deck or another hard material, there still needs to be a certain amount of care given to your decks. For wood decks, high-pressure power washing can splinter them, causing irreversible damage. If you have a concrete or stone deck, high-powered pressure washers can also damage them in ways that may require expensive repair or replacement. When it comes to pool deck cleaning in Florida, you can trust us to clean these areas using our award-winning soft wash technique gently.

For over a decade, we have prided ourselves on cleaning exterior surfaces of homes and commercial properties without causing damage to these surfaces. Our customers consistently provide us with top ratings for ensuring that we keep their homes looking great as we clean. In addition to using a much gentler pressure washing system, we avoid abrasive cleaning agents. What you get is clean exterior surfaces without chips or splinters. 

Want to see why our customers keep providing us with 5-star ratings in Lakewood Ranch and the surrounding areas? Take a look at our results and read about pressure washing topics in our pressure washing blog.   



See what our customers have to say:
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The exterior pressure washing services ProClean's crew performed for my property went way beyond what I thought possible. Our house looked amazing, and we couldn't be happier with the friendly and attentive power washing technicians. I would highly recommend them for the toughest cleaning jobs!
- Anne Greyson

What Other Exterior Surfaces Do You Need Cleaned?

Pressure washing your pool deck is certainly critical. However, there are numerous surfaces of your house that could have plenty of mold, algae, grime, and organic matter on it. This buildup of exterior dirt could start to cause irreversible damages too fencing, roofs, porches, and other critical parts of your home. Not cleaning such areas may nullify warranties or even cause problems with your homeowners insurance. Don't let dirty exteriors cause more trouble than it's worth! 

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Are you tired of being the dirtiest home on the block? Our professional team of pressure washers can make your home look like new using our remarkable soft wash pressure washing system.

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