Why is Driveway Cleaning Important? – 6 Benefits You Should Know

November 23, 2022

Are you a homeowner asking why driveway cleaning is important? This is a vital question, as you don’t want to overlook any needed maintenance around your property. But, on the other hand, you also don’t want to invest in unnecessary services either!

In truth, there are many reasons to consider professional driveway cleaning and other power washing services. So before you go another season without scheduling this work, check out those reasons here! Then, contact a pressure washing contractor near you as needed. They can also explain their benefits in greater detail.

why cleaning driveway is important

1. Driveway cleaning extends the life of paving materials

Untouched motor oil, other automotive fluids, and lawn care chemicals break down binders in concrete and asphalt. Leaving your driveway unwashed means premature cracks, chips, spalling, and potholes. Note your ordinary garden hose doesn’t offer good cleaning to remove this debris. On the other hand, professional power washing ensures a clean and robust surface.

2. Power washing often kills weeds

Few things are more unsightly than weeds growing through concrete and asphalt expansion joints. Overgrown weeds can make your entire property look rundown and neglected. However, it’s often difficult to remove these by hand without damaging surrounding paving materials. Also, many homeowners prefer to avoid harsh weed killers and chemicals.

In contrast, pressure washing kills weeds and other growth quickly and easily. Additionally, many power washing companies use eco-friendly cleaners for driveways. As a result, you can enjoy a stunning surface without worrying about hurting the environment.

3. Standard garden hoses can’t address mold and moss

Mold, moss, mildew, algae, and other growth along a driveway risk damaging concrete and asphalt. Additionally, they often mean unpleasant, bothersome odors. However, an underpowered garden hose isn’t effective at killing and removing these growths along with their roots and spores.

Professional power washing is an excellent choice for killing and removing bothersome mold and other irritants. These will grow back less often when you invest in expert pressure washing.

4. Always power wash before sealing

Regular sealing protects concrete, pavers, brick, and asphalt from premature damage. Also, sealing helps close tiny cracks and other imperfections. It also restores the appearance of your driveway.

Power washing is an excellent choice before applying it to the seal. This process removes dirt and grime and prevents the sealant from adhering to the pavement. Your adhesive offers more protection if you schedule pressure washing before sealing that pavement.

5. Never underestimate the importance of stunning curb appeal

Perhaps the most apparent benefit of driveway cleaning is its appearance after washing. Pressure cleaning removes oil stains, dirt, mud, sand, mold, children’s chalk, grass stains, and more. Also, this service restores the appearance of pavers and other materials for a stunning property.

Considering replacing your property’s driveway due to its rundown appearance, consider power washing first. After cleaning, you might be surprised at its overall appearance. Also, since power washing is cheaper than a new driveway, you can save thousands by cleaning it before deciding it needs replacing.

6. Improve outdoor air quality with pressure washing

Regular power washing cleans away pollen, dust, air pollution residues, and other chemicals from driveway surfaces. You’ll notice fewer irritating odors and improved outdoor air quality! Professional pressure washing is especially vital for anyone with allergies or different sensitivities. You may very well breathe more quickly the more often you invest in pressure washing for your property.

driveway cleaning

How often do driveways need to be cleaned?

Many homeowners find that driveway cleaning every other year or so is sufficient. However, you might adjust this schedule for your property in some instances:

  • Do you tend to park or use vehicles in the driveway for car repair? If so, you might notice frequent automotive fluid stains. In that case, schedule cleaning annually or even more often if needed.
  • Production facilities and busy roadways often create thick dirt and soot. You might notice that your driveway is usually covered with unsightly debris. Annual cleaning can help keep it from getting ground into pavement surfaces and ensure a clean, pristine property.
  • Allergy sufferers are often sensitive to dust, pollen, and other irritants around their property. These irritants typically settle onto driveways, creating a very bothersome environment. On the other hand, annual or twice-annual cleaning washes them away for improved outdoor air quality.
  • You might notice soot on the driveway if you have a wood-burning fireplace indoors or cook outdoors often. Schedule cleaning as often as needed to remove this unsightly mess!

In truth, homeowners should schedule driveway cleaning as often as needed for a pristine surface. This might even mean more than once or twice per year for some properties! Your power washing contractor can also advise on a workable schedule for your property.

Does a clean driveway increase home value?

A clean driveway doesn’t necessarily increase home value. However, note that a dirty driveway will detract from a home’s appearance and create a neglected look! In turn, homeowners should schedule driveway cleaning and power washing before putting a home on the real estate market. A cleaner property looks much better in marketing pictures and to prospective buyers during open houses and showings.

Moreover, power washing removes bothersome odors and unsightly stains that might drive buyers away. Power washing can also eliminate weeds, mold, and other debris, ensuring a welcoming look. As a result, pressure washing means welcoming property buyers will love, even if this service doesn’t increase values.

ProClean Pressure Washing Lakewood Ranch is happy to help answer the question, why is the driveway substantial? Hopefully, you found this helpful information when deciding on power washing for your property! Call our Lakewood Ranch pressure-washing contractors if you’re in the area and need expert services. We’ll set you up with a FREE onsite inspection and price quote. Additionally, we can tailor our power washing to your property’s needs and budget. Contact our expert crew today iSo, if you’re ready for a clean, pristine property.


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