What's the Cost of Power Washing? Figuring Pressure Washing Prices

June 2, 2023

Pressure washing prices are worth the investment! Regular pressure washing offers many benefits, some of which might surprise property owners. Investing in professional services also ensures a safe home or commercial structure cleaning.

While all contractors set their prices, you might consider some national averages for various pressure washing services. Also, it’s good to know what might affect those prices! This information lets you know what to expect when you call a pressure washing contractor near you.

How Much Are Pressure Washing Prices on Average?

Check out some average pressure washing prices according to various cleaning needs. These prices are figured for a typical 1100 to 2000 square foot house.

  • Gutter cleaning might start at around $55 and run to $160 or more.
  • Pressure washing a deck or patio usually starts at just over $200.
  • Fence cleaning usually averages just under $200 to start.
  • Driveway pressure washing might average $180 to $300.
  • Contractors usually charge anywhere from $170 to over $300 for exterior house washing.
  • Roof pressure washing might start at $250 and run to $600 or more.

Also, some properties might need spot cleaning of various surfaces. A contractor might charge by the hour rather than the job. Standard prices range from $50 to $200 per hour or $.40 per square foot on average.

Additionally, some contractors might offer a discount if you schedule more than one cleaning per visit! For instance, bundling roof washing and gutter cleaning might mean a discount on your price for both.

Lastly, consider that these prices vary by location. For example, contractors might need to scrub sand and silt out of patio pavers in Florida or California. On the other hand, thick dust often coats properties in desert areas such as Arizona and Nevada. Consequently, pressure washing costs might average a bit more in these areas.

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How to Figure Out Pressure Washing Costs

The best way to figure out pressure washing costs for your property is to call a contractor and ask for a quote! In the meantime, you can use an online pressure washing estimate calculator. However, these don’t always consider added work that might increase those costs, for example:

  • Sloped roofs, or those with added obstructions such as dormers and skylights, often mean higher prices. In addition, contractors often need to use extra caution when on these surfaces, which takes more of their time. In turn, they might increase their roof washing prices.
  • A pressure-washing contractor might need to manually scrub mold from wood, vinyl fences, or wood decks. Also, oil stains on driveways or ground-in dirt on pavers often require more hand scrubbing. Your contractor might then increase their prices for tackling these tough spots.
  • Contractors might charge extra for thick dirt build-up. Sometimes, they might need to wash certain surfaces twice for a thorough cleaning! As a result, the longer you put off needed pressure washing, the higher your costs.
  • Power washing contractors might increase their prices for properties that are difficult to access. For instance, a contractor might need to drive around the block to access a townhouse backyard! Added work such as this usually means a higher price.
  • Some contractors might charge more for upper stories when pressure washing a house. However, reaching these stories means adding pressure or using a ladder, which add to their time and effort!

How Long Does It Take to Pressure Wash a 2000 SF House?

A contractor might finish a 2000-square-foot house in one to three hours. However, their timeframe depends on how much-added dirt needs scrubbing and the home’s overall design. For instance, cleaning large porches, awnings, and other features often adds to their work.

Additionally, a contractor might need a specialty brush to tackle tough stains. This also adds to their work and time spent cleaning! Finally, vinyl needs gentle cleaning, so a contractor can’t quickly cover large areas. All these factors add to their timeframe when washing a house.

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How Much Does Commercial Pressure Washing Cost Per SF?

Commercial pressure washing might average $.75 to $1 or more per square foot. Contractors often charge more for commercial pressure washing because there’s usually added work involved. For instance, layers of dirt, grime, and motor oil often cover a parking lot more than a residential driveway.

Also, commercial buildings usually have glass fronts and signage that need added care. Contractors might also need to cover more lighting and other fixtures on a commercial lot than on a residential property. Reaching under and around roof eaves and other obstructions can add to their time! Commercial pressure washing costs are usually much higher than home power washing.

Are Pressure Washing Prices Worth It?

If you’re hesitant about pressure washing services for your property, consider their many benefits:

  • Debris on a roof often settles into gutters, creating clogs. Clogged drains can lead to water damage along outside walls and foundations. Roof and gutter cleaning then help avoid these expensive fixes.
  • Motor oil and other fluids eat away asphalt, concrete, and other paving materials. But, on the other hand, cleaning them regularly helps prolong pavement lifespans!
  • Gritty debris can also damage paving materials and create an unsafe surface for vehicles and pedestrians. Pressure washing then means a safer, more attractive exterior.
  • A dirty commercial property can be very unwelcoming to visitors. Dirt and mold growing over signage and lighting can make your property difficult to find. Professional cleaning ensures a stunning, safe exterior.
  • Don’t overlook that power washing removes breathing irritants, including dust, pollen, and mold. Invest in regular pressure washing services if outdoor air quality is vital for you.

ProClean Pressure Washing Lakewood Ranch is happy to help explain more about pressure washing prices. Also, remember that the numbers here are just averages. Call our Lakewood Ranch pressure washing contractors if you’re in the area and want an exact price quote. We’ll prepare a quote at no charge to you. Additionally, we’re happy to explain soft wash systems and what makes our services unique. For more information, call today.


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